Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Days Worth

Here are the first fives days worth of Onewords I've done. I have one minute to write these.

The street corner was lit by a lone street lamp, illuminating the concrete in a circle of yellow-y light. A woman stood in center of it proudly, as if on a stage, yet her fair features were muddled in dark shadows.

Immediately I think, “This teacher has got to be insane.” The lady has a curly mane of pea green hair and plump purple lips. She wears a tie-dyed dress, covered with little plastic dragons that look to have been shoddily super glued to the fabric, that fits her- ahem- curves in a rather unfortunate manner.

She rose from the sea in the night, her black hair cascading down her slender frame in long, damp, curling trendals adorned with molesks and shells. She spotted the boat in the distance, and her flawless lips curved up in a sardonic smile knowing exactly what she was about to do and caring none about its repercussions. She opened her mouth and out burst the most beautiful song ever heard to human ears. She could tell immediately that the sailors could hear her because the boat had silenced, and really, they always hear. The Siren’s Song would always be heard by the unsuspecting and they always come running. She chuckled delicately and continued to sing.

“Ah, yes, well you see, Mrs. Tutsufreeny, your husband was in the coffin when he was put up on the platform– yes, yes, I can assure you he was perfectly fine– Hm, what was that? Gone? Well, I promise that he is– No, that’s nonsense– Ma’am, dead men don’t go just strolling from their coffins willly nilly– no ma’am, I am not mocking you– n-no ma’am, I never once called you a liar– Please, ma– OUCH!”

She’s an angel. With golden blonde curls and milky smooth skin doused in golden flicks streaming in from the window of the train cart, the dawning sun just visible at the pink horizon. He doesn’t know why she had taken a liking to him. Not that he minds. But her father minds– the army of men marching around the perimeter of the train do– her friends and family back home do. But maybe if they knew how beloved she were to him, how much he adored this angelic Charlotte, maybe they wouldn’t kill him on the spot.
( Spoiler Alert ;) Hint, hint)

And who is this, you may ask? Well, this is Seally from The Market. Never would I think that I would find such a perfect visual of her but here you are!

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