Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poem: Eyebrows

By:Hunter M.

I position the tweezers,
an imperfection in between.
A stray hair
throwing off the balance.

I squeeze and pull
and then it's gone.
So, I step back and look
at my work of art.

Dark eyebrows
without a hair out of place.
Oops, I stand corrected.
I see a strangler.

And as I go for it,
a thought hits me.
Why do we have eyebrows?
What is their purpose?

Lone strips of hair
upon a bare skinned face.
Just above the eyes
they find their place.

They're random,
yet such a hassle
because when these things aren't perfect
either are you.

Do they collect falling dust
from bothering your eyes?
Do they soak up sweat
as it slips down your face?

Do they cast a unnoticeable shadow
to keep your eyes safe?
Or do they keep the balance
of the heat in your face?

Did God say to himself,
"Let's add a little hair
right there,"
just as a joke?

Did He do it to keep us questioning
if one is willing to question?

Such an insignificant matter
could inspire me to write.

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