Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poem: A Girl

A Girl
By: Hunter M.

There is a girl with mysterious dark eyes
There's a girl who's chocolate orbs never seem to retire
There's a girl with dark curtains around her perfect face
There's a girl with a face as flawless as a sculpted diamond
There's a girl who's face shines brighter than the sun
There's a boy who says he loves her
There's a boy who knows her body better than herself
There's a boy she think she loves
There's the boy who's always been the friend
There's the boy who's never had a chance
There's the boy with wide set eyes, a skinny nose
There's the boy who's always been a little bit smaller than everyone else
There's the heart break
There's a boy she thought she loved walking away
There's the tears
And there's the boy who always holds the bucket
There's the boy who always catches the tears
There's the girl who's shed more tears than a girl should
There's the girl who never learns
There's the boy that stays by her side
There's the boy that loves her
There's the coughs
There's the aches
There's the piercing pain
And there's the sterile hospital room
There's the news
There's loss of hope
There's the boy that wears the bandana
There's the boy that doesn't want her to know
There's the girl who knows
There's the girl who cries
There's the girl who is torn apart again
There's the death bed
There's more tears
There's last goodbyes
There's one last thing to say
There's no more time
There's the boy that died
And there's the girl that loved him.

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