Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poem: Impossible

By: Hunter M.

His face. So unworldly.
So, so perfect.
No pun intended;
The face of God's finest angel.

High cheek bones,
squared jaw.
The world's best model
would be inevitably jealous.

I see him everywhere.
When I drive,
at school,
at home.

Sometimes, I just stare
at his face and body-
At the thing that reminds me
we can never truly be together.

His wings that fold up in his back.
Their feathers whiter than fresh snow
that shimmer in the golden light
that is ever in his presence.

He knows I see him,
but he never comes to me.
I've reached out before,
and where my fingers would touch his skin- nothing.

He doesn't talk;
just watches me.
And one day, when I said hello,
he waved his hand and smiled.

That's when I knew
that I was utterly in love
with him,
with my guardian angel.

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